Adam Thielen Should Be Everyone’s Favorite Player After What He Did Against The New England Patriots

What Happened?

In the most shocking beef in NFL history, Bill Belichick and Adam Thielen got into a screaming match on Sunday. After Minnesota Vikings running back, Latavius Murray, rushed for what appeared to be a first down, Bill Belichick went to challenge the spot of the ball and couldn’t find his challenge flag.

The problem is, New England Patriots safety suddenly dropped to the ground as to get an injury timeout and give Belichick extended time to see more replays and decide if he wants to challenge.

Adam Thielen was having none of those shenanigans and he and Belichick had a ‘shut the fuck up’ match. No one could’ve predicted these two men going to war.

Thielen is the best white wide receiver in the NFL (and probably ever) while Bill Belichick is the king of signing white wide receivers. You’d think Belichick would be recruiting Thielen every chance he gets. Putting love notes in his locker and sending him anonymous flowers from his ‘secret admirer’.

But nope, apparently they hate each other.

Round of applause to Adam Thielen for standing up to his future employer. We all hope to rage against the machines the way Thielen did on Sunday.





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