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Adam Gase is a Fraud

From the moment that the New York Jets signed Adam Gase to be their new head coach and he appeared at the press conference with his eyes bulging out of his skull as if even HE was surprised he was hired like, a week after being fired in Miami.

As a head coach, he has a career 23-28 record, including his 0-3 start with the Jets this season.

He has been labeled as this offensive genius because he was in Denver when Peyton Manning broke the single season touchdown record. Giving credit to Adam Gase for the accomplishments or arguably the best quarterback to ever throw a football is like Wilt Chamberlain’s teammates taking credit for him scoring 100 points in a game. “Hey, we’re the ones who passed him the ball. He couldn’t have done it without us’.

Peyton had established himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history long before Gase was in his helmet whispering ‘throw the ball’ before Peyton audible out of Gase’s shitty plays.

On Sunday, the Jets lost their Week 3 game against the New England Patriots 14-30. The team put together a grand total of 105 yards. They were 0-for-12 on third down. They scored zero offensive touchdowns.

Adam Gase is a fraud.

Now, obviously Luke Falk is a third string quarterback so he wasn’t about to outwit Bill Belichick and the Pats. But let’s not act like they were marching up and down the field at will before San Darnold starting making out with sick girls.

The New York Jets rank dead last in offense so far. That’s completely unacceptable regardless of who your quarterback is when your head coach’s expertise is offense.

Are we also going to pretend like they don’t have Le’Veon Bell back there? I get the feeling that an offensive genius would be able to scheme Le’Veon Bell open.

Bell had 35 rushing yards on Sunday. Fraud.

LeVeon Bell is the most talented player on this offense and he refuses to run the offense through him solely due to the fact that he didn’t want the Jets to waste the cap space signing him completely ignoring the fact that he’s on pace to be a Hall of Famer in spite of Gase’s pettiness.

Great head coaches lean on their players’ strengths and bad head coaches like Gase drill their ‘systems’ regardless of their personnel. The Jets will never make the playoffs as long as Adam Gase continues to try to smash square pegs into round holes.

It looks even worse when you look at San Francisco last season and the way Kyle Shanahan, a true offensive genius, was able to pick up an undrafted rookie off the streets and turn him into a beast.

In Nick Mullins’s first start, the 49ers beat the Raiders 34-3 with Mullens throwing for 262 yards and 3 touchdown passes.

Luke Falk just threw for 98 yards and chucked up an interception.

Again, it’s not necessarily Gase’s fault that Luke Falk stinks but one could argue that if you coached a QB for multiple years who allegedly knows the playbook inside out, you’d be able to put him in a position to succeed.

Adam Gase is incapable. You wanna know why? Because he’s a fraud.


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