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Accused Rapist R Kelly Defends Accused Rapist Bill Cosby

Sooo let’s just start off with that facts. Bill Cosby raped a lot of chicks. Like, way more than he should have. Whether you actually think he raped every single one of the hundreds of women who claim he did, or you think it was just one or two, he raped far too many. If you’re curious as to what the acceptable amount of women to rape is, the answer is zero. It’s always zero.

Well, Mr. R Kelly has stepped up and voiced his expert opinion on the whole situation. In an interview with GQ, because people are still interviewing R Kelly apparently, detective R Kelly isn’t quite convinced.

[su_quote cite=”GQ” url=”http://www.gq.com/story/r-kelly-confessions”]“When I look on TV and I see the 70-, 80-, 90-year-old ladies talking about what happened when they were 17, 18, or 19, there’s something strange about it. That’s my opinion. It’s just strange,” Kelly said.[/su_quote]

You know what, he’s right. It’s just…strange. These women are wayyyyy to old to be remembering that traumatic moment in their lives when they were taken advantage of by one of the biggest stars on the planet. 70-year olds can barely remember where their car keys are let alone remember the time Dr. Huxtable slipped a mickey in their orange juice and sucked on their toes as they began to pass out. Solid point, Kells.

This whole thing is just strange. I’m just glad R Kelly and Bill Cosby are allies here. Dave Chappelle joked that .black actors gotta stick together.’ Well, accused rapists gotta stick together too.


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