According The Creators of Rise of Skywalker, It’s Carrie Fisher’s Fault That Kelly Marie Tran is Hardly In The Movie

Kelly Marie Tran made her big screen debut in The Last Jedi and little dick racists bullied her off social media because what the hell is a nonwhite man doing in their Star Wars movies like, acting heroic and shit.

If you watched The Rise of Skywalker then you must’ve noticed that her character, Rose, is hardly even on screen. For being a main character in the previous movie, it’s super blatant that she was cut out for the most disgusting version of ‘fan service’ ever.

In a recent interview, screenwriter Chris Terrio, shed light on the whole situation and calmly explain the REAL reason behind the total erasure of Rose from Star Wars canon:

“One of the reasons that Rose has a few less scenes than we would like her to have has to do with the difficulty of using Carrie’s footage in the way we wanted to. We wanted Rose to be the anchor at the rebel base who was with Leia. We thought we couldn’t leave Leia at the base without any of the principals who we love, so Leia and Rose were working together.”

Ah, got it. Rose couldn’t be in more scenes because of dead Carrie Fisher hogging up all the CGI that she certainly had no personal control over because again, she’s dead but yes, it is 1000% her fault. No further questions.

Love the accountability here by Terrio and JJ Abrams. No one asked for them to choose dead CGI puppet Princess Leia over real life human Kelly Marie Tran but they’re making it sound like it was out of their control.

The entire film seemed like a direct attack on everything Rian Johnson attempted to create in The Last Jedi. It was fan fiction written by Reddit trolls that smashed their Kylo Ren and Rey action figures together

Instead taking the criticism of Rose’s character into account and fleshing out a more well-rounded ending for her, she was pushed all the way to the side of the sidelines and they’re blaming a dead person for it.

They waaaaaanted to have Rose do more so badly but damn they CGI. Damn it to hell. There was a new droid quipping in this movie every other scene yet they couldn’t find a place for Kelly Marie Tran.

Star Wars and Disney can’t figure out how to stand Kelly Marie Tran next to a CGI zombie but not to worry, did you see all the diversity in this movie? Ya know, the way Finn was always on camera with whatever other black person they introduced. Ah, diversity.

Thank you, Chris Terrio and JJ Abrams for making the safest movie possible and pretending like The Last Jedi never happened.

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