According to Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones Once Hid Under the Cage to Avoid a Drug Test

Chael Sonnen went on Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss the recent Jon Jones steroids allegations. Apparently there is a hilarious story about Jon Jones hiding under the cage to avoid testing. Obviously you should take this with a grain of salt but based off of everything I know about Jon Jones, this is 1000% true.


“USADA rolls in to (Greg) Jackson’s gym to do a test on Jon Jones and there were only some coaches in there and Jon, there were like five people in there at the time,” said Chael Sonnen. “Where (the testers) parked, he can see them coming, so (his team doesn’t) know what to do with him. They hide him underneath the cage.

“Jon Jones hides under the cage. They say, ‘Jon, we don’t know where he is,’ and this is before we were enrolled in the program and he did not need to disclose his whereabouts. At the same time, if they show up and find you, you must test. If they can’t find you, you didn’t have to test back then.”

The officials supposedly waited the entire day for Jones to emerge, but he managed to outlast them. This is where the story takes a bizarre turn.

When USADA found out what Jones had been up to, Sonnen heard they were willing to go to great lengths to get their man.

“They wanted to get a warrant to and go under that ring, under the theory that at some point in that 6-8 hour span, he would have had to pee,” said Sonnen. “They wanted to go under forensically and collect that urine. That’s how upset they were that they had been had.”




Sonnen told this story as if it was well known in the UFC community so I’m just going to take it as fact. Absolutely hilarious fact. That’s like hiding in the bathroom to avoid taking a chemistry midterm in 10th grade.

Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones kind of have an awkward and forced relationship but I don’t think he was attempting to stand on his grave or bury Jones more. I just think he had this amazing story in his back pocket and now that it’s out there¬†that Jones eat, sleeps and breathes HGH, this is the perfect time to unleash this gem.


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