Abolish Unpaid Internships

Twitter is one of the worst places on Earth and I’m saying that as someone who will be removing my hands from my keyboard in order to grab my phone and scroll Twitter no less than 1,000 times as I attempt to write this article.

But this week’s Twitter discourse was peak trash as blue checkmark journalists rush to brag about how important their unpaid internships were while everyone yelled at them about how unbelievably unethical unpaid internships truly are.

Here is Jane Slater from the NFL Network throwing a grenade onto the timeline:

Jane Slated offered an unpaid internship and was immediately inundated with hate and rightfully so. Jane was personally attacked for bragging about getting through unpaid internships and how much those positions opened doors for her while disregarding her privilege of being wealthy.

Her grandfather is the wealthy creator of Wolf Brand Chili. She’s a chili heiress out here pretending as if she’s some self-made hero.

It is foolish to believe that everyone has the financial safety net to afford busting their asses for a company and receiving nothing but college credit or a metro card. Poor people need money, Jane. They do not have the luxury of working for free in hopes of potentially getting a job offer down the road or getting a new contact in your iPhone you can beg for a job a year later.

It’s 2021. There is STILL a global pandemic. Record levels of unemployment. And no one is attempting to change the ridiculously silly traditions that exist for no reason at all.

The people that think unpaid internships are some vital crucible that prepares you for your grueling career of shitposting online are the same people that believe everyone should be thrown into crippling financial debt in order to acquire a 4-year degree.

So many ghouls refuse to change the oppressive systems of control simply due to the fact that they had to go through that torture and therefore everyone after them should as well.

Imagine being a slave in this country and not fighting for your freedom because you don’t want the generation after you to get freedom if you didn’t have it.

Don’t let these goblins convince you that they out-worked the competition. American rugged individualism is a mental illness. No one has achieved anything solely off the strength of their own effort and determination.

Everything that’s ever happened to you is the result of everything that’s ever happened to everyone you’ve ever met. You cannot singularly will your way into opportunities. Doors must be opened for you.

We are not all descendants of chili tycoons.

Wild that there are people who wake up in the morning and defend companys’ disgusting practice of stealing from labor from employees under the guise of acquiring ‘experience’. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve attempted to write for a media company only to be told to write for free and then use the company’s name on my resume. Looking directly at you, Bleacher Report.

If one performs a service then one should be paid for providing that service. It’s that simple. Just because you had to suffer from participating in the egregious antiquated unpaid internship process does not mean that it should just exist forever. Especially if your grandfather is a chili barron.

“I had 2 jobs and went to school and still maintained my internship” ….so? You think this is a good thing? Also, not everyone has a car to take them from job to school to job to internship. Something as simple as having parents that can afford to buy you a car is a massive advantage and once again, you are not self-made. You did not grind harder than anyone else. Things were given to you. Someone opened the door you walked through.

Abolish unpaid internships and the idea that these dumb systems need to exist forever because you think everyone should have to suffer through what you did. Also, shut up Jane Slater.


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