Abolish The Police

This has been one of the most pivotal weeks in modern American history. Following the brutal homicide of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, people have hit the streets nationwide to let both the police and the policymakers that protect them that we are fed the fuck up with police brutality.

We need radical change. And I don’t just mean posting black squares on Instagram to let your black friends now that you’re not racist. I don’t mean generic brand messages about love and prayer and all of those other nonactions.

Real life change. A total overhaul of the entire system and everything we’ve been led to believe we need to survive.

It’s time to abolish the police.

Every day over the last week I’ve seen videos of the police showing their true colors and just attacking random nonviolent protestors for absolutely no reason other than to assert some artificial dominance over people that they fear they’re losing power from.

The police are not protecting anyone from anything. People are protesting police brutality and these low self-esteem college dropouts with no control over their emotions are annoyed at having to self reflect so their solution is to double down on police brutality.

We can no longer have the conversation about ‘good cops’ anymore. Did you just watch that old man get shoved to the ground and stepped over like Allen Iverson after he crossed up Ty Lue? One cop goes to check on him when there’s blood streaming out of his skull and another officer stops him as they walk past his dying body as if they aren’t all responsible for that extremely public attack.

Like, 20 cops. All just allowed that man to bleed on the street. Zero good cops. And this is how they’re treating a harmless old white man on camera. Starts to explain how so many black victims get their lives taken from them by the police with no witnesses.

There are clips from every city of cops just beating the brakes off people for no reason while their fellow cops either stand and watch or shrug and jump into the beatings. The ‘few bad apples’ nonsense is over. If these supposed ‘good’ cops we hear so much about have decided to let the bad ones roam free then there are zero good cops.

Such heroes.

Abolish the police.

I know that’s a massive plan but we’ve tried the police ‘reform’ and look where we are now. People mock the idea but I’m those same people would’ve been on the wrong side of the fight to abolish slavery. I mean, who’s going to do all the work after all??

And real quick: stop telling people to vote. This issue of police brutality is far past voting. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you land, both parties have done and will continue to do nothing about this problem.

Donald Trump wants to turn the police in his own personal army or some sort of—what’s the word I’m thinking of?—Gestapo. And all of his supporters believe he is the ‘law and order’ president after spending his entire life breaking every single law including all of the teenage girl rape with Jeffrey Epstein that we’re kind of all not giving enough attention to but that’s a conversation for another day, I reckon.

Joe Biden’s biggest political victory—besides remembering that it’s 2020 and he can’t call black people ‘spooks’ anymore—was pushing a crime bill in the 90s that skyrocketed police budgets and expanded private prisons and incentivized cities and their police to arrest as many people as possible by any means necessary.

That dementia rapist suggested that cops should shoot at people’s legs instead of their hearts. That was his solution in the midst of all this chaos. Keep shooting at protestors but at their legs. Ok.

So again, voting won’t change this. The police can no longer exist.

In order to begin removing the police, you have to recognize how ridiculous it is that over 80% of arrests are low-level nonviolent offenses. Legalize weed, sex work and don’t strangle Eric Garner because he sold loosies on the corner. These ‘crimes’ don’t matter. Legalize it and tax it. Those sales taxes combined with no longer paying cop salaries and hey, maybe I’ll be able to see a doctor.

But I’m dreaming too big. I’ll just keep taking Advils all the time. Let’s stick to abolishing the police right now.

For those that fear we need to police to catch more severe criminals, are you sure? Most violent crimes are committed by people with mental health or addiction problems. Reducing the police force and massively expanding public social work could drastically cut down on these crimes.

And let’s not be naive and think that calling the police makes anything better. Often times, people are afraid to call the police because they make shit far worse. Every woman you’ve ever met has a story about a man sexually assaulting them and none of them ever end that story with ‘and then I called the police and now he’s behind bars’.

If the police even arrest the guy, you’ll have to stand a face the abuser while his lawyer attempts to convince a courtroom full of strangers how much of a slut you are that was asking for it.

Domestic violence calls are no better. What’s most likely is that the man spends the night in the local precinct only to come home and beat the shit out of that call for calling the police in the first place. Speaking of which, how often do the police arrest criminals only to release them the next day for them to get back out there and commit worst crimes without ever addressing the mental health issues that put them in that position to begin with.

We should be moving police budgets into drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Anger management. Real legitimate therapy.

No longer would racist white women like Amy Cooper be able to lie on the phone to the police about a black man harassing her just because she doesn’t want to be in arm’s length of a minority and believes it’s the cops job to handle that for her.

I can’t stop thinking how unbelievably pointless it was for the police to even be called on George Floyd for a $20 forgery. That was the most avoidable murder in human history. Every single time you dial 9-1-1 you are giving the police one more opportunity to let their inferiority complex consume them as they blindly snuff out a life knowing damn well there are no consequences to their actions.

Chances are, if someone breaks into your home it’s because they are either on drugs or they’re stealing things to sell for drugs. Calling the police doesn’t better a society. Real rehabilitation does.

Calling the police usually just gives cops some vague description of a ‘criminal’ which then gives them a green light to harass totally innocent people on the street and then murder them when they resist even though it’s a natural human reaction to resist being arrested when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Perhaps completely removing every police officer might be impossible but it’s insane to me that they are meant to protect communities but they end up just terrorizing them. Why do towns have like, 6 firefighters but 50 cops?

If your local officials aren’t drawing up plans to substantially defund the police then you need to move protests to town hall until changes are made. Protest outside legislators homes.

Use this rare moment of American history to push for actual changes that will make life better for future generations and to ensure there is never another murder like George Floyd’s.

Fuck Abolish the police.


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