Aaron Rodgers is Going To Treat Jordan Love Like a Brother

A highly flammable Aaron Rodgers Jordan Love relationship is about to begin in Wisconsin that will surely end amicably of course.

Aaron Rodgers is 36-years old and although the Green Bay Packers went to the NFC Championship game last year, it’s safe to say that Rodgers had a down season. Now, a down season for Aaron Rodgers is still an MVP caliber season for most quarterbacks in the league.

He threw for 4,002 yards with 26 touchdowns to just 4 interceptions and a 62% completion percentage. On paper, that’s a fantastic season but when you watch him play he was a coward that avoided any and all risks. The gunslinger we fell in love with has become an old conservative man blaming the kids these days for all his problems.

And in his defense, his receiving corp was trash. Not a single receiver eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards and after Davante Adams’s 83 receptions, the next highest was 49 catches by Aaron Jones the running back.

Shout out to Jimmy Graham’s 38 catches for 447 yards. Way to just steal a bag from Green Bay. And the heist continues as Chicago saw him play like twice last season and decided they just had to have him next.

You’d think with Green Bay being only one game away from the Super Bowl and probably one playmaker short of breaking through to the next level, Green Bay would look at a loaded wide receiver draft as an opportunity to finally get Rodgers some help.

Oh no.

Enter Jordan Love.

With the No. 26 pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected the Utah State QB. Instead of getting Aaron Rodgers help, they opted to draft his replacement. If Rodgers was hanging from a cliff, the Packers would help him by throwing a cinder block at him.

Oh, it’s also worth pointing out that the Packers TRADED UP to get Jordan Love. Like, they couldn’t let another moment go by without shitting on Rodgers.

But let’s talk about Jordan Love for a second. He’s a big mobile guy that likes to chuck the ball downfield. Everyone is looking for the next Patrick Mahomes and they’ll trick themselves into ignoring his 17 interceptions last season.

Some scouts however, blame his Utah State players for his poor performances. Chances are, Love is somewhere between Josh Allen and Jameis Winston. He’s going to make HUGE plays but um, for both teams. 80-yard touchdown strike down the field followed by a pick six bullet pass into a linebacker’s chest.

Either way, he’s the perfect quarterback to keep as a backup while you have one of the greatest of all time out there.

But how long will Aaron Rodgers actually be in Green Bay? There is no way that Rodgers is super excited to come to training camp next year seeing that they not only used their first round pick to replace him but the Packers didn’t even draft ONE wide receiver.

Here’s what Jordan Love said about his contact with Rodgers thus far:

“Yeah, I was able to talk with him earlier. You know, really good guy. [He was] just congratulating me, and I was just letting him know that I was excited to be able to work with him.”

Aw, that’s cute and very clearly performative nonsense.

Aaron Rodgers is going to treat Jordan Love juuuust like family in that he’s going to go entire years without ever speaking with him and will avoid being in the same room at all costs. Aaron really had his brother Jordan out here on the Bachelorette crying about never speaking to his brother and when Aaron was asked about it he laughed.

And speaking of crying, it is impossible to not compare this Aaron Rodgers Jordan Love situation to what went down between Rodgers and Favre during his rookie season when Favre embarrassed Rodgers so badly he wept in the locker room.

Aaron Rodgers is about to turn on read receipts specifically to let Jordan Love that he saw his texts and elected not to respond.

Meltdown coming soon…


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