Aaron Rodgers Is Being a Petty Ex About Mike McCarthy Becoming The Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

Mike McCarthy was hired by the Green Bay Packers in 2006. He made the playoffs 9 out of his 13 seasons as the Packers leader. He won the Super Bowl in 2010. Anddd the reason why he’s currently sleeping over Jerry Jones’s house every night wearing Cowboys pajamas is because in the middle of the 2018 season, Aaron Rodgers got his ass fired.

Again, Mike McCarthy was in the playoffs more often than not. He won a Super Bowl. And the Packers fired him in the middle of the season. Such a disrespectful move to a head coach that has accomplished so much.

But then stories came out that he and Aaron Rodgers needed a divorce.

So many teams were showing off their hot new young girlfriends and Aaron Rodgers got jealous. Sean McVay led the Rams to the Super Bowl. Kyle Shanahan was revolutionizing the 49ers offense. Aaron Rodgers rolled over one night and looked at Mike McCarthy’s old ass snoring with his mouth open and starting drafting the divorce papers that morning.

From his brother that went on The Bachelor and cried about Aaron being a big meanie to him and the whole Rodgers family and his ex Olivia Munn reiterating how much of a dick Rodgers is and even former teammates co-signing the idea that Aaron just sucks, it was easy to take McCarthy’s side in this messy break up.

Until you see fast forward to where the NFL season currently is. Aaron Rodgers has his hot new young bae, Matt LaFleur, and they’re playing in the divisional round coming off a playoff bye.

And after a year off from football, Mike McCarthy has found himself back in the sport and coaching ‘America’s Team’.

Both men should be happy but Aaron Rodgers had some interesting texts to send to McCarthy while congratulating him on his new gig.

This petty bitch.

“Congrats, Mike. You’re gonna do great! I’m just…I’m just a little surprised you didn’t get GM responsibilities but that’s probably none of my business. Personally, I just think you can do better but whatever lol! Have funnnn”

Although the Green Bay Packers went 13-3 this season, Aaron Rodgers has slipped from the top of the QB rankings in the league. He seemed to have absolutely no chemistry with his receivers and played super conservatively. Guys like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have passed him by.

Who among us hasn’t been in a bit of a rut only to open up Instagram and see someone we used to date posting a photo with their new partner all smiley and shit. Showing all their teeth. Not thinking about your bum ass anymore.

Of course Aaron Rodgers would send a petty text with a backhanded compliment to Mike McCarthy.

I hope these two men find peace.



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