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Aaron Paul is Coming To Save Westworld Season 3

What Happened?

HBO’s sprawling sci-fi drama series Westworld is getting a major new cast addition. Former The Path and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is joining the recently ordered third season of the series.



If you’ve ever run into me at the bar on a Friday night drunk after midnight, there’s an 80% chance I’m mumbling to you about how Westworld is the most overrated show on television and how wack season 2 was.

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger setting up this huge war between the hosts, that appeared to have all gone rogue and their bullets started to actually do damage, and the guests stuck in the park. But then season 2 was a bunch more details about the origin of the park which would have been compelling had season 1 not immediately accelerated to a robot war.

Also season 2 was all just in Bernard’s head??

But now that Aaron Paul is joining the show, maaaaybe I’ll cut it some slack and pretend like watching Westworld isn’t an hour long waterboarding. I can’t watch another episode that’s just about the Native American robots. I can’t do it. I know they’re no longer in the park next season but these people love them some flashbacks so I’m sure they’ll find a way to show more of that trash.

Here’s what I need to happen in season 3:

  • Dolores being a bad bitch
  • Maeve revived and then being a bad bitch
  • Aaron Paul cooking meth
  • An animated cameo of Todd from Bojack Horseman
  • I’ve never watched Aaron Paul’s Hulu show but insert something Path related
  • Anthony Hopkins talking in riddles for no reason
  • Someone else writing the script for Tessa Thompson’s character
  • More boobs
  • Ed Harris death


This Aaron Paul Westworld season 3 union could be something special so long as they follow the very specific/nonspecific guidelines I laid out here. HBO should make me a consultant. It’ll cost them everything but sacrificing everything worked for Thanos. And Kaepernick, according to Nike.

This article is all over the place.

Can Aaron Paul save Westworld?

Nah, prob not, I reckon.




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