What Does Aaron Judge Need To Improve This Offseason To Have An Even Better 2018 Season

Sooo, I think we can all agree that Aaron Judge is one of the best hitters in baseball. Any time you hit 50+ home runs while wearing those Yankees pinstripes, you are one of the greats. Here’s a quick reminder of his monster stats: 52 home runs. 128 runs. 128 base on balls. 114 RBIs. .284 batting and .442 on-base percentage.

Preettttyyy, pretty good.

But he’s not a perfect baseball player.

Here’s what Judge thinks he needs to work on this winter:

“I’m still a work in progress; there’s a lot of things I need to improve on,” Judge told Bryan Hoch of when he was asked about his terrific performance in 2017.

“Defensively, hitting-wise, running the bases. There’s always room to improve. That motivates me to get a little better every day.”



I’ll say this, his obvious flaw of striking out on any pitch thrown outside of the strike zone is a PROBLEM. Judge struck out 208 times last season and I felt every single one. Whether I was watching the game or not, every time he struck out it felt like I was being hit. Like in ET when ET starting chugs beers and Elliot suddenly felt drunk at school[1. ET was weird, huh?]. Point is, Aaron Judge is an alien.

How about, and this may sound crazy but stay with me here, how about Judge like, studies the film and sees that every single pitcher threw a breaking ball out of the zone with 2 strikes in the count and he swung at those pitches like he was Kirk Gibson in 1988 except instead of hitting a walk-off home run like Gibson, he swung and missed at a pitch that landed in the concession stands.

There are detailed statistics on what pitchers do in every single situation. Judge can find the exact stats on what pitchers throw to him in 2 strike counts, ya know, just in case the video study isn’t enough for him. He needs to be making these adjustments because again, I cannot watch him strike out 208 times next season. I don’t have enough sick days at work[2. jk, I don’t work].

Defensively, Judge finished top-10 among qualified American League outfielders so we can lose the narrative that all he knows how to do is hit home runs. If a batter hits the ball to right field, there’s a very good chance that Judge is going to make a spectacular play.

I’m just glad that Aaron Judge is already working on pulling.

Myyyyy, man.





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