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Who is a Bigger Star in New York: Aaron Judge or Kristaps Porzingis?

We are in a Renaissance of young talent in New York right now. Old guards like Alex Rodriguez, Eli Manning and Carmelo Anthony are on their way out and there’s a new generation of talented individuals carrying the torch through Times Square.

Aaron Judge is currently the best hitter in baseball. I know I exaggerate a lot or whatever but Aaron Judge is statistically the best hitter in baseball. He is leading the league in WAR and it’s not even close. He is currently on pace to win the rare American League Triple Crown award. Oh, he’s also a rookie.

Kristaps Porzingis is god’s gift to basketball. He was molded by Zeus to putback offensive slams. When the basketball leaves his hands it’s like it’s being carried on the wings of angels into the bottom of the net. His crossover is romance. Kristaps 4 president.

But who is the bigger star in New York?

Kristaps is an absolute monster but it has been extremely clear that he is not happy with the Knicks organization. I would not be shocked if this time next year he isn’t even on the roster anymore. Part of me thinks the Knicks should trade him now to Boston for the 1st overall pick.

Look who his teammate has been for two years. I can only imagine the terrible habits he’s picked up from Carmelo. The game is becoming a fast paced pass first league and Kristaps is going to holding the ball and jab stepping like crazy this season. I can predict fans getting annoyed by Porzingis sooner than later.

Aaron Judge has the personality of construction paper. When it comes to baseball, it’s tough to become a ‘star’. Mike Trout might go down as the best player ever and he probably doesn’t even get recognized when he goes home.

The biggest problem facing Judge’s stardom outside of the sport he plays is the team he happens to play on. There’s a solid like, 25% chance that the Yankees go out and grab Bryce Harper who is easily the biggest star in baseball. Add in everyone’s love for Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird and Aaron Judge may have the best numbers but he will never be the biggest star on his own team.

You know who is the biggest star in New York? Christian Hackenberg




This motherfucker literally cannot stop hitting reporters with bad throws and I love it.
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