Aaron Judge is Banging Jen Flaum Again, the Girl That Broke Him Out of His Slump Last Summer With Her Magic Vag

What Happened?

The Yankees star and his ex-girlfriend, Jen Flaum, were spotted out on Sunday night for what appears to have been a romantic dinner. The two reportedly broke up in late March or early April.

But thanks to our source, we have pictures of the two on their dinner date and a little backstory as to how Jen worked her way back into the slugger’s life.

Aaron Judge was out with his ex Jen Flaum for dinner tonight. It looks like she almost set this up because the pictures are too perfect and he is never pictured with anyone else only with her. Jen started following LJ Mazzilli the night Judge broke his wrist and LJ followed her back.

The plan for this girl is to obviously get an athlete and it doesn’t matter who it is. He had amazing options with other models who have followed him that he played in CC Sabathia’s charity softball game with and he decided to pick this obvious fame seeker instead. Maybe he isn’t the guy we hoped he was.



Before I go into how this is the best news ever for New York Yankees fan, I want to quickly say that the ‘source’ that spilled the beans on this reunion is clearly feeling a type of way about this young lady. Damn. Really challenging this girl’s character for staging these photos and hunting an athlete.

Yea, OF COURSE she is.

That’s literally every athlete girlfriend ever. And good for Aaron Judge for taking advantage. Do you want to know the benefits of spending hours upon hours of your life practicing to become one of the greatest players in your sport? You get to pick from a list of girls that want to sit on your face. That’s what it’s all for.

Last season, Aaron Judge went off during the Home Run Derby and then returned to the team after the All-Star break to go on one of the worst looking slumps in MLB history breaking strikeout records left and right. Pitchers could roll a ball in the dirt and Judge would close his eyes and swing for the fences.

Then he was spotted at the US Open with Jen Flaum and next thing you know, he was BACK mashing home runs.

aaron judge jen flaum

Find you someone whose vagina gives you superpowers like Jen Flaum’s does for Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge isn’t struggling at all this season. In fact, he is objectively the best player on the Yankees. The only problem is that he’s currently nursing a broken wrist after being hit by a pitch a few weeks back.

But now that he’s back with bae, I wouldn’t be shocked if he suddenly wakes up this morning with a wrist made up of Adamantium like Wolverine and is sitting in the heart of the lineup immediately smashing baseballs to the moon again.

Thank you for your service, Jen. I appreciate you bringing this World Series title to New York where it belongs.



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