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Aaron Judge Breaks the MLB Record For Most Home Runs Through 25 Games

Aaron Judge is the best hitter in baseball and no one can tell me otherwise. On Wednesday night, Judge punched his 13th home run of the season off of the bitch ass Toronto Blue Jays as the Yankees defeated the Blue Jays 8-6 to maintain their spot at the top of the AL East.

The 2017 Yankees have yet to get their ideal lineup out on the field together. Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez have been hurt from day one. Didi Gregorius is finally back but none of that nonsense matters. It’s all about Aaron Judge, the GAWD.

It’s gotten to a point where it’s almost automatic that Judge will smash a bomb into the parking lot. It’s insane that opposing pitchers don’t realize that they’re allowed to pitch around this hulk of a human.

How many home runs do you think Aaron Judge will hit by the end of the season? Infinity? Yup, that’s the correct answer. Aaron Judge is the best hitter in baseball and no one can tell me otherwise.






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