Welcome To The New York Yankees, Aaron Hicks!

The road to the 2016 World Series begins in the off-season, and the New York Yankees are doing work. The Yankees have acquired outfielder¬†Aaron Hicks from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for backup catcher John Ryan Murphy. Aaron Hicks will most likely be replacing Chris Young and potentially Brett Gardner on the roaster when they hopefully decide to pull the trigger and cut ties with a professional baseball player that can’t hit a pitch faster than 90 MPH.

Aaron Hicks has been featured on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects list four times. The 26-year-old switch hitter batted .307 with 6 home runs and 11 RBIs in 101 at-bats against left-handed pitchers last year, which is perfect if he plans on playing for Jacoby Ellsbury who struggles against left-handers. I mean, by the end of the season, Ellsbury struggled against all pitchers.

Of course it’s a shame that John Ryan Murphy has to go, but honestly, I don’t give a shit at all. He was a great backup, but he’s just a backup, and I never saw him becoming anything more than that. Brian McCann is better, and Gary Sanchez is the best minor league catcher in all of the farm systems, and he’s just salivating in a Yankees minor league jersey waiting for that call up. Soooo…BY-EEEE, John Ryan Murphy. See you never.


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