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Aaron Hernandez Killed One More Person (Himself)

Aaron Hernandez went from talented Patriots tight end with a bright future. to a life sentence in prison. On Wednesday morning, the saga came to a shocking end as the 27-year-old was found hanged in his cell.

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Former NFL tight end and former serial killer, Aaron Hernandez, killed himself in prison earlier this week. I know this is the point where I’m supposed to sit here and type about how talented he was on the football field and how this is such a tragedy but hard pass on that.

Aaron Hernandez murdered a shitload of people. Even if legally he was only found guilty of killing just one person, that’s still one person too many. You can’t kill people, believe it or not. Once you make the conscious effort to end another man’s life, I don’t care if you kill yourself. You ought to actually.

Yes, it’s sad for his fiance and daughter who no longer has a dad buuut like, it’s probably for the best that her dad isn’t a gangbanger who murders people. It’s probably for the best that his fiance moves on and finds a guy who isn’t an enemy of the state.

Sounds like a happy ending.





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