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Aaron Gordon Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Gravity

Aaron Gordon might be one of the greatest dunkers in NBA history and he decided to remind the world one more time with another incredible leap into the rafters.

Aaron Gordon was placed on this Earth to do one thing and one thing only: dunk basketballs. Nothing else matter. Just put the rock in has hands and get out of the way. He does not give a fuck about your ‘gravity’.

Gordon might be the first human to dunk from half court. He may not come down the next time he attempts a dunk. He might hit his head on the rafters.

I don’t know anything about his game. Can he shoot? Does he have handle? Does he crash the boards? Honestly, all I have to do is google his name and find out but at the end of the day none of that shit matters.

You know what matters? Dunking basketballs.




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