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Guy Hijacked Plane and Demanded It Fly To Antarctica, Now Running For New York City Mayor

New York City’s newest mayoral candidate once hijacked an airplane with a handgun and demanded it be flown to Antarctica or Argentina to battle a make-believe group of evildoers, according to a report.

Aaron Commey, a Libertarian candidate from the Bronx, was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia 17 years ago when he stormed the cockpit of an airplane at JFK Airport with a whacked-out mission, according to City and State New York.

Commey — whose name will grace the ballot Nov. 7 — ordered pilots to boot 150 passengers and crew members off the Las Vegas-bound Boeing 757 in order to parachute into the frigid continent, according to reports at the time.

(NY Post)

Look, people change, man. Sure, 17 years ago my man Aaron Commey stormed the cockpit of an airplane and wanted to stop evildoers in Antarctica…or Argentina..or Atlanta. The point is, he wanted to do good in this world and that’s what I want in my mayor.

Aren’t you tired of politics these days? It’s time to ‘drain the swamp’. Nothing is getting done in Washington DC or Albany or the city hall of Manhattan. I want a guy who will make things happen. Guns blazing. Kick in the door wavin the .44.

Aaron Commey is technically a war hero if you think about it or don’t think about it. Part of me wishes that the pilots of that flight went to Antartica because who knows what evil was going down over there. We’ll never know. Until now. When Commey is our new mayor.

Vote Commey.




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