A Letter From The Pick-Up Podcast

Dear Deadseriousnesss readers,

I would first like to recognize you, the loyal readers of this great website, for sharpening your mind with the content it provides.  It takes a special individual to visit this site day after day and better yourself by reading sports and entertainment blogs; it’s people like you that are the true keystone of society. 

I would also like to congratulate you on exposing yourself to the potential spark of the New Enlightenment — The Pick-Up Podcast.

“What is the Pick-Up Podcast?”


I’m glad you asked.  Knowledge is power.  

The Pick-Up Podcast is a new podcast to be featured on the Deadseriousness network.  If you enjoy dumb hypothetical questions, millennials seeking life advice from other millennials, and most likely incorrect sports takes go ahead and smack that subscribe button! 

“Who are the morons putting this garbage together?”


The show is hosted by three Liberal Arts degree holders who believe that what they say is entertaining enough to record and broadcast to the world.  All three hosts went to school and played lacrosse together at a very prestigious university and have remained just as close over the years #Family. 

Black Steve

Black Steve enjoying an Eagles game

Before anyone gets uncomfortable with the nickname Black Steve, let me preface this short bio by saying the name “Black Steve” is a name that was mutually established and proudly embraced in order to distinguish himself from 3 other Steves on the same lacrosse team.  Steve is often our podcast’s voice of reason.  He provides the content with a unique perspective and always gives the other hosts a new way of looking at things.

Steve contributes several segments to the podcast including “Who Would Win?” where he asks the other hosts who would come out victorious in a hypothetical fight.  Black Steve’s favorite segment is “Why Do People?” where he airs his questions about why white people do the things they do.

His passions include the Philadelphia Eagles, firearms, cooking, traveling, and lacrosse

Coach O

Coach O living his best life

Coach O tries his best to keep the show going in the right direction.  He doesn’t necessarily know how to host a podcast, but he’s trying his hardest to try hard.  He brings a blend of sarcasm and realism to the conversation and has a habit of sucking you into his internet wormholes with him.  Aside from hosting, Coach O has his original segments “Why Is This On My Timeline?”, “You Hate To See That”, and “Advice From An Old Guy”.

His passions include coaching, being a health teacher, and substance abuse.


This is the picture Hunter wanted me to post of him
This is the picture I chose to use of Hunter

Built for size, not speed, Hunter/Frank is our resident “unit.”  Hailing from the DMV area, Hunter is an avid Redskins and Capital’s fan (he’ll be sure to let you know the Caps won the cup every episode).  Hunter does an exceptional job of speaking his mind and brings the heat with his “no holds barred” attitude.

Hunter contributes with his “Weird Flex, But Okay” segment, as well as segments such as “That’s Lame” and “Irrelevant.”  All of our hosts enjoy the movies, but Hunter is our “movie guy”.  Aside from his atrocious Tobias Funke-esque pronunciation of “the-a-tre”, he usually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the silver screen

Hunter’s passions include movies, lacrosse, sports, and having the grammar skills of a 2nd grader.

“When does it drop?”

– You

The podcast will be a once every two week deal, trying to bring our loyal listeners the highest quality content we can.  The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all other major platforms via 

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ThePickUpPod and give us honest feedback.  Don’t be too mean to Hunter.

Thank you for your time and we can’t wait for our relationship to blossom into a beautiful, delicious, bloomin’ onion only not as tasty and possibly worse for your health. 


The Pick-Up Podcast


Written by Pick-Up Podcast

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