95-Year Old Grandmother Arrested For Slapping Her Granddaughter With a Slipper

95-year old, Hattie Reynolds, was fed up with her granddaughter’s nonsense and chose to demonstrate her frustrations by smacking homegirl in the face with a slipper. Hattie would then end up in handcuffs.

I feel like if you’re irritating a 95-year old woman to the point where she must reach all the way down to the floor to pick up her footwear and smack your face off with it then you belong behind bars. Not Hattie. That slap took all of her strength. She’s going to be in bed for the next two weeks recovering.


Reynolds said her 46-year-old granddaughter would not listen to her and leave the bedroom, so she hit her granddaughter in the face with a slipper, the arrest report states.

When officers arrived to the home, the granddaughter said she did not want to press charges, but because of “strict domestic violence laws” they arrested Reynolds, according to News-Journal.

“If your wife reported that you threatened to hit her, you would be arrested because that is domestic violence assault,” a police chief said to News-Journal. “I just feel bad for her but the officers did their job as required by the law.”


Wild how these ‘strict domestic violence laws’ are affecting 95-year old women harder than they’re affecting NFL running backs and linebackers. What a world where lineman can choke a bitch out and no one bats an eye but Granny Hattie is being brought into the station to get her fingerprints.

At least we know that this arrest won’t change Hattie’s standing with NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Do you get it? The NFL is full of wife beaters. Get it? They’re bad people. Get it??

Free Hattie.







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