9 Lessons Learned From Childhood Games

9 Lessons Learned From Childhood Games


Simon Says.  


Blindly follow directions from anyone. Never question authority and just do what you’re told. Standing out is wrong and will result in you losing so just do what you’re told.


Red Rover. 

If someone gets in your way, break their arms. In order to get from one side of life to another you’re going to have to hospitalize a few people.


Duck Duck Goose. 

Life is a popularity contest. You think you’re not being picked because you’re the fastest but it’s really because no one likes you. Everyone keeps picking the cute girl. If you want attention, become attractive.



No matter how good you are at kickball, do not mistake yourself for an athlete. It’s cool that you can catch a fly kickball but don’t you dare even consider stepping on a football field.



Never save your money. Spend your money at the first opportunity no matter how much it costs. Eventually you’re going to pass GO so just enjoy life now and worry about the consequences later, like debt, bankruptcy and a jail sentence.



Survival of the fittest. The weak are the first ones out in life. Use anger to motivate you and take advantage of those that are smaller than you. Base your entire self-esteem of off your ability to lower others.



There are some things in life you will never comprehend. You are not as smart as you think you are. Someone will make you feel stupid, probably often. Just pretend you know what you’re doing and hope you don’t get embarrassed.


Hide and Seek. 

When you’re having problems with a relationship, don’t talk it over. Just hide. Close your eyes and pretend they’re gone and when you’re ready, seek.



Life has no rules. Once you think you’ve got it all figured out, the rules change. One moment you’re ‘it’ and the next, you’re irrelevant. Also life is pointless. Just run around aimlessly until it’s all over.

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