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9 Funniest Shows on Netflix To Watch When It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is Gone

If you haven’t heard the news, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is leaving Netflix this December which means it’s time to look for new shows to play in the background of our lives 24/7. It’s Always Sunny is the funniest show on Netflix but it’s not the only funny show available.

Sooo for COMEDY WEEK AT DEADSERIOUSNESS, here are the 9 funniest shows on Netflix:


1. Archer

Archer has fallen the fuck off at this point but the first 4 seasons are untouchable. Sterling Archer as a James Bond type but a super narcissist who is blackout drunk 24/7 and banging hookers in a time period that I can’t understand. Point is, it’s hilarious.

It’s the perfect show to put on in the background as there is no continuity from episode to episode which is ideal for a late night home from the bar Netflix show to throw on for a quick laugh while you drunk text your ex until you fall asleep.



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