9 DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Solo Movie

The DCEU is officially in full effect after the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad this year. Both movies were box office successes. At the same time, critics absolutely hated these movies. DC is at a crossroads.

Fortunately, DC has Justice League and Wonder Woman coming up and both trailers look promising. With DC building up their DCEU, it’s time to look at new characters who can help bulk up their shared universe. ¬†Here are 9 characters who deserve their own solo movie (probably more than Cyborg):

1. Green Arrow

green arrow

Arrow might be one of the best superhero television shows ever made. I mean, it’s definitely jumped the shark now but point is, Green Arrow is an interesting character that can put butts in the seats. Green Arrow’s obvious Robin Hood homage should be enough to get this movie made. How many Robin Hood movies have been created? Infinite?

Oliver Queen is another millionaire playboy with no super powers which I know isn’t the most original story ever. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have that covered. But Green Arrow stories have this amazing balance between dark and gritty like the Dark Knight but also extremely optimistic¬†which is what DC movies lack at this point. Plus, you can cast a hot blonde as Black Canary and I’m all in on that.


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