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9 Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own R-Rated Movies

After the success of Deadpool, movie studios are looking to follow the film’s footsteps. With PG-13 comic book movies coming out left and right this year, Deadpool stands out as a real exception and a much-needed change of pace in the superhero genre.

Even Batman V. Superman is considering releasing a Rated R cut of the film as well as PG-13 just to ride the coattails of this new trend. With an inevitable storm of bad R-rated movies coming, here are 9 comic book characters who actually deserve the more mature rating.


1. The Punisher


We’ve seen an R-rated Punisher movie before and it was fine. Nothing to really write home about. We’ve also seen a PG-13 version of the Punisher with John Travolta as the villain so we should know that anything less than an R rating for the Punisher will fail.

He is not a superhero who saves the day by tying up the bad guys and waiting for the cops to come make arrests. The Punisher kills people and it’s often brutal. You can’t kill a man’s family and expect him to carry around zip ties to make citizen’s arrests.


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