86-Year Old Trump Protester Gets Absolutely SHOVED to the Ground By a Police Officer

86 year old trump protester


Chaos in the streets these days. No one is safe. One second, you’re having a peaceful anti- Trump protest. Not bothering anyone. Just being an 86-year old woman trying to change the world. Next thing you know, Officer Krupke comes through and shoves you back into the Ford Administration.

If an 86 year old Trump protester can’t cross the street without getting stiff armed then what chance do any of us have? Do you think Donald Trump gave this cop a raise? Trick question: duh. Tuscon Police definitely got brand new squad cars after throwing this old bitch to the moon.

Part of me think that this clip isn’t real and I’m falling for the media’s fake news? I mean, I know this woman was angrily approaching the cop but she looks older than time. Maybe just let her say whatever she wants until she tires out. To chokeslam her through a table seems a little much.

But again, this is fake news. Don’t believe the liberal media.





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