78-Year-Old Man Punched In The Face At A Costco Because Nutella

Costco is a war zone. It’s ground zero for dirtbags. An absolutely lawless land. The wild west. Well, this 78-year-old sheriff attempted to bring order, and he was immediately punched in the face.

A 78-year-old Costco shopper was punched in the face Sunday morning after getting into a dispute with another customer who he believed was taking too many Nutella waffles from a sample cart, police said.

Burbank resident Derrick Gharabighi, 24, had snagged several samples when the elderly shopper told him to take just one, Burbank police Officer Cindy Guillen told Times Community News.

That’s when Gharabighi reportedly punched the man in the face. The man was hospitalized with a one-inch cut and swelling above his eye, Guillen said.

Costco does this shit on purpose. They’ll put out like 10 boxes of a brand new, hot product and just watch the security cameras as battles ensue. Nutella waffles?! That’ll lead to 78-year-old’s getting molliwopped. 10 times out of 10.

Here’s the thing: No one can ever tell me how many waffles I can take. Not at Costco. Put Nutella waffles in front of any pacifist and their lizard brain takes over. Next thing you know, blood in the streets. I do not feel bad at all about this 78 year old fool. I hope he learned his lesson.


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