74 Points? 74 POINTS?!?!

Get Indiana OUUUT of here.

Okay, let’s all get the Indiana Pacers OUUUUUUT of here.

The Pacers led the Celtics 45-38 heading into halftime. It was the score of a junior varsity girl’s basketball game. No team wanted to make any shots. Real playoff basketball, babyyy.

The Celtics shot 32.5% in the first half and then jumped into the second half on a 15-1 run. Not sure what happened in the locker room but Nate McMillan telling his players ‘play as awful as you can’ was a bad decision. I’m not a basketball expert but McMillan choosing to run the ‘miss every shot’ play didn’t quite work out.

Indiana scored 8 points in the third quarter. Get them the fuck off of television.

Marcus Morris and Kyrie Irving both dropped 20 points each. The highest scorer on the Pacers was Cory Joseph. He had 14 points. Indiana shot 33% from the field.



The Boston Celtics got a first round bye. The Pacers are done. Thank u, next.

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