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7 TV Shows You Need To Be Watching Right Now

I spend most of my free time watching TV. But Deadseriousness is 50% Knicks slander and 50% TV news so technically it’s my job so technically it’s not free time. It’s work. Ugh, it sucks so much having to sit on my futon and watch boobs on HBO. The struggle.

I’m the type of guy who gets drunk and has to tell everyone about every great TV show I’m watching so I thought I’d get it down on paper so that I don’t have to talk your ear off this weekend. I’ll just send you a link and ask you to share.

Here are 7 TV shows you need to be watching right now:

1. The Americans

The Americans is the most tense show on television. With just two seasons left, everything is coming to a head. Will the Jennings family, the secret Soviet KGB officers living among us, be caught or will they get out of the game before anyone gets hurt?

The show takes place during the Cold War but based off our current events involving the Trump administration, it may or may not be a documentary of what is literally going on in Washington DC right now.

Plus, I’m totally on board for watching Keri Russell shoot motherfuckers in the head every week.


Written by Deadseriousness

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