7 TV Shows That Deserved Nominations At the 2017 Emmy Awards

The 2017 Emmy Awards have come and gone and if you know me at all then you know I had no less than a bajillion complaints about the night. You know, like why would Stephen Colbert bring out Sean Spicer? The man aided and abetting one of the worst people in recent American history but it’s super hilarious that he lied to us all year and like, he looks nervous sometimes. Hilarious.

But at the end of the day, it isn’t about blowing Sean Spicer but it was about television and giving out awards to people who probably don’t deserve awards. There were some obvious snubs. We get it, stuff happened in England and blah blah. The Crown was BORING.

Here are 7 TV shows that deserved nominations at the 2017 Emmy Awards:

1. Desus & Mero

Late Night shows stink. The format hasn’t¬†changed since the beginning of time. Host gives a monologue that isn’t funny. There is a sketch that isn’t funny. There are celebrities telling stories that aren’t funny. There’s a stand-up comedian that isn’t funny. Wash. Repeat.

Please stop telling me to watch Seth Myers. I don’t need to see anymore tall white guys on my television screen. We have far surpassed that threshold. Enter Desus and Mero who are just two guys making each other laugh and aren’t wearing suits that are a size too small, jerking off movie stars.


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