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7 Things the New York Yankees Need To Do This Offseason To Win The World Series in 2018

The New York Yankees were one game away from the World Series where I can say with complete confidence that they would’ve won their 28th title. Everyone keeps saying that this young team is the next dynasty but that doesn’t happen overnight. Certain moves need to be made.

Here are 7 things the New York Yankees need to do this offseason to win the World Series in 2018:

7. See if Tyler Austin can ball

I genuinely believe that Tyler Austin could be the next Aaron Judge. They have the same exact scouting report. Austin can punch the ball to the moon at any given at-bat. He can also strike out swinging at any given at-bat. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Yankees should probably let Brett Gardner walk which opens up left field for Austin to slide in there. Clint Frazier should start the season in the minor leagues because I don’t think he’s ready. It’s time to unleash Austin into the world.

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Written by Deadseriousness

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