7 Things That Really Bothered Me About Star Wars: Rogue One

7. The Story That Need Not Be Told


At the end of the day, did this story even need to be told? I think I mentioned it earlier but I don’t proofread so who knows but I think I mentioned earlier that we already know how the Star Wars story goes. Rogue One literally ends about 5 seconds before Episode 4 begins so yes, this movie adds context but did we need this?

I loved Jyn Erso as much as I could. Although they never explored these characters motivations and they all died unceremoniously, I genuinely enjoyed this film. Rogue One was fire emoji for sure. That war scene in Jedha City was straight out of some shirt going on in Baghdad like, right now. Just grenades and suicide bombs and civilization casualties left and right.

Rogue One was dope. But did we need it? Of course not but Disney needs a Star Wars movie every December forever sooo get ready for more slick talking droids, racially ambiguous fast talkers, Han Solo types and strong British women for the rest of forever.




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