7 Things That Really Bothered Me About Star Wars: Rogue One

3. Zero Character Arcs


So I think Rogue One was an extremely unique tale especially for the Star Wars universe. We’re used to everything being black and white but Rogue One really exposed the grey areas of this universe. Great story. No disputing that.

Buuuuut, how about some character development? I mentioned earlier that we learned nothing about Ben Mendelsohn’s character and honestly, I don’t know anyone else’s character names either and I won’t be looking them up. Jyn Erso and uh…the rest. They literally exclusively referred to the pilot as ‘The Pilot’.

There was the blind guy and his demolition man friend who joined the rebellion for seemingly no reason. Perhaps the demolition man accepted The Force at the end but then he died like, 21 seconds later. Wow, what an arc.

I guess I just want to have an emotional stake in the film. Again, this is a fantastic story but we already know how it ends. Luke won. Make us care about Saw Gerrera before he gets engulfed in sediment, please.

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