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7 Things That Need To Happen in The Captain Marvel Solo Film

Entertain Weekly dropped that Captain Marvel exclusive this month so now the only thing that matters is Captain Marvel. The NFL season is starting. Yawn. MLB playoffs starting. Yawn. Captain Marvel set photos. Let’s GOOOOOO.

I have dropped everything and the only thing on my brain is Avengers 4 and imagining Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel aka my new bae, chokeslam Thanos off the top rope. Needless to say, expectations are high.

Here are 7 things that need to happen in the Captain Marvel solo film:




1. Not an Origin Story

I know most casual movie going fans who have no relationship with this character and no frame of reference of who she really is outside of a post-credit scene where her logo is revealed but I cannot see another generic Marvel origin story.

Ant-Man and Doctor Strange were like, fine movies or whatever but they are tough re-watches. There needs to be a more clever and interesting way to introduce and explain a new superhero without seeing their tragic past and how they get their powers in some accident or whatever.

I’ll take flashbacks and whatever it takes to avoid a movie where we see a hero tragically lose a loved one. I’ve seen Bruce Wayne’s parents die more than I’ve seen my own parents alive not being shot outside of a play.


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