7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

7. Fun

superman zod

At the end of the day, I just need this movie to be fun. Batman v. Superman was just so depressing and dark and ruined my night. I wanted to sit in a dimly lit room and think about war and famine. That’s not necessarily¬†what I want from my comic book movies. Hey, maybe we can splash some bright colors in there, maybe.

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Why is Superman always so sad when he’s saving people? In Batman V. Superman he hovers over a desperate family trapped on their roofs in a flood and Superman just slowly floats over to them like he’s upset that he even had to be there. I mean, we know that volunteer work kind of sucks but no one is making Superman do this. He should be happy to help out.

Make The Flash funny. Make Batman more vulnerable. Give Wonder Woman a personality. Sprinkle in some bright colors every once in awhile and stop leveling major cities. That’s it.



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