7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

3. ONE Good Villain


Now this point is not quite specific to Justice League but comic books movies in general. In attempts to service the fans and give them all of the villains they’ve grown to love and hate, superheroes movies often force a random villain in the third act for no reason and all that does is take the focus off of more important character development.

Steppenwolf will most likely be the big bad in the Justice League movie as he attempts to recover the 3 Motherboxes on Earth that can bring Darkseid from Apokolips to this planet. Obviously, Darkseid will appear at the end to set up a sequel but just have the heroes fight Steppenwolf. Don’t throw in the Joker for no reason. We don’t need a Solomon Grundy cameo. Just develop team chemistry by providing one common foe.

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