7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

2. Team Chemistry


Want a quick Batman V. Superman fun fact? Superman and Wonder Woman had zero speaking lines to one another. They didn’t say a single word to each other. Superman and Wonder Woman just quietly fought Doomsday and didn’t work together or interact in any way. Now, I’m not looking for a Super Friends movie where all they do is sit at a round table and gossip but how about some clever banter or at least like a ‘suh dude’ between the stars.

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Batman has been tasked with recruiting all of the ‘meta-humans’ in order to create a team to stop some impending danger. Batman’s interactions with these heroes need to be interesting. I don’t want another scene like in BVS where he e-mails Diana like ‘hey, I know you’re Wonder Woman, wanna hang? eggplant emoji’. This movie desperately needs team chemistry more than anything.

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