7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

7 Things That Really Need To Happen in Justice League

There was major news from DC today in regards to the Justice League and by major news I mean tiny insignificant news that doesn’t really matter to anyone. After wading through all of the garbage nonsense that was released, I suppose it’s time to start speculating about what this movie could and should be.

I love the Justice League and Superman is my favorite comic book hero so allow me to be extremely critical of a movie that hasn’t begun filming yet. Here are 7 things that NEED to happen in Justice League.

1. Superman Returns

death of superman

Obviously spoilers but Batman V. Superman ended with the iconic Death of Superman by the hands of Doomsday. The death was completely unnecessary but you knew that in a movie full of comic book cover pop shots, when Doomsday appeared on screen Zach Snyder was going to kill Superman. Well, let’s bring him back ASAGDFP.

Superman is the Justice League. I understand that killing Superman allows you the opportunity to give the other characters some spotlight. Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman can now shine and they probably won’t. Marvel gave each of their Avengers their own films before the team-up movie. Justice League is just throwing characters at us and expecting us to care. You know who we have a prior relationship with? Superman. That’s it. We need Superman.

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