7 Things That REALLY Bothered Me About Wrestlemania 32

Wrestlemania 32 has come and gone. My heart was racing from beginning to end. Shane McMahon committed a public suicide. Charlotte Flair’s tits were everywhere. The New Day had an amazing entrance. Flo Rida coming through my speakers.

But it wasn’t a perfect night. Not really close. There were a lot of duds. Here are 7 things that REALLY bothered me about Wrestlemania 32.

[su_heading]1. Why was it so long?[/su_heading]

total divas

By the time the main event started, I had already been watching for 5 hours. Maybe let’s reel in the 3 match pre-show that doesn’t really matter. I can only listen to ‘My House’ by Flo Rida so many times before I start to get antsy.

The Dudley Boyz, who are 40-year old guys who spell their name with a ‘z’, returned to the WWF this year white hot. That excitement has cooled and maybe they don’t need a Wrestlemania match. Maybe you don’t need to stuff every mid-carder in a 20 minute ladder match every year.

Wrap it up.

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