7 Things That Really Bothered Me About Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War was probably the best superhero movie ever made. A lot of that is due to that fact that this movie has been 10 years in the making. Unlike Batman v. Superman which had to introduce an entire universe as well as serve as a Superman sequel, the groundwork for Civil War has been built for a decade.

Having said that, I spend most of my day complaining about shit soo I have to do it for this movie as well. This entire list will be nitpicky so just know that I’m really splitting hairs here.

Here are 7 things that really (kinda) bothered me about Captain America: Civil War.

Spoilers…fucking duh.


1. Zero Casualties

war machine captain america

Most of this list will truly just be nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking but the fact that no one actually died really did bother me. If you are familiar with the Civil War comic book then you know there were more than a few casualties including Captain America himself.

I was really expecting Zemo to murder Cap when they got to Siberia. I at least thought that Iron Man would take Winter Soldier’s life. I mean, the guy has killed a shitload of people. Not the most redeemable of characters. Totally wouldn’t have cared if War Machine never got back up from that momentary lapse in Vision’s judgement.

Infinity War is going to be CROWDED.

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