7 Star War Spin-Off Movies I Need To See

[su_heading]6. Qui-Gon Jinn Prequel[/su_heading]

qui-gon jinn

Qui-Gin Jinn was a character that was introduced and killed before we even got a chance to care about him. I still find it strange to introduce an audience to a brand new unique character and then kill him off before we get a chance to breathe and have any interest in his life but Star Wars did that with both Qui-Gon Jinn AND Darth Maul.

We could have a buddy cop movie with Qui-Gon and Count Dooku before he joined the dark side. It’ll be like the Anakin/Obi-Wan movie that we never got the chance to see. Plus Jinn has a very different fighting style than we’ve seen with any other Jedi. Want/need more of that.


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