7 Star War Spin-Off Movies I Need To See

[su_heading]3. Darth Vader Killing Spree[/su_heading]

darth vader

So after Anakin Skywalker was reborn as Darth Vader, he had one goal: kill all of the Jedi. Yes, he certainly killed all of the younglings in an unintentionally hilarious scene in Revenge of the Sith but he also traveled to different planets to cut adult Jedi’s up as well.

Every movie could use more Darth Vader in it. That’s just a fact. The Revenant would’ve won Best Picture last year if Leo DiCaprio had to fight Darth Vader at the end. You could even make one specific ‘last’ Jedi that Darth Vader is hunting down. This could be thrilling as shit. My heart is racing just thinking about that last fight scene when Vader is slowly walking behind his last victim and all you hear is him breathing and all you see is a red lightsaber. Make this happen.


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