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7 Spider-Man Villains That Need To Be Featured in a Movie

It’s safe to say that we are going to get Spider-Man movies for the rest of forever and I don’t know about you, but I’m 1000% done seeing the Green Goblin show up in every single film in some way. I get that Peter Parker’s relationship with the Osborne family is important or whatever but we get it. We’ve seen it. Enough.

Let’s explore new unique characters. I’m done with Harry Osbourne’s bitch ass. Spider-Man has the richest fleet of bad guys. Here are 7 Spider-Man villains that need to be featured in a movie:



1. Mysterio

After seeing Doctor Strange and seeing how dope the visual effects were, I think it’s time to bring Mysterio to the big screen. We could have a movie in which we really explore Spider-Man’s psyche as he is runs through the mental gauntlet.

I want the walls turning into floors. Mirror mazes. Other cool visual things. I don’t know. I’ll leave the details to the wonderful people at Sony. Also, if they put Mysterio in a movie, they aren’t allowed to make his costume more modern. He has to wear that green tiled suit with the long purple cape and the fish bowl on his head or else don’t even bother.


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