7 Reasons Why The Defenders is the Worst Show Ever

Netflix united all of Marvel’s street level heroes in an 8 episode saga of boring tv tropes and fights in pitch-black rooms. The Defenders reallyyy makes you appreciate the quality of these Avengers movies. Suddenly Age of Ultron becomes a classic.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all combined their powers to stop The Hand, a shadow organization that has been running the New York crime scene for generations, apparently. A blind guy, a chick who may or may not be able to fly once every 8 episodes but only off screen, a guy who bangs every woman he comes in contact with and a whiny orphan must stop New York from being destroyed due to the excavation of dragon bones. Standard shit.

Well turns out, The Defenders was as awful as it sounds and here are 7 reasons why The Defenders is the worst show ever:



1. Iron Fist/K’un-Lun

All of the Iron Fist K’un-Lun nonsense made no sense throughout the first season of Iron Fist sooo naturally The Defenders decided to double down on that garbage by centering the entire plot around that season that I wish I had never watched.

The literal Iron Fist needs to open a door (that led to just a random ass sewer under Manhattan) which means we get another full show of ninjas explaining ‘chi’ and sword fighting in the middle of New York City instead of using guns even though this show takes place in 2017 where you can buy a gun at Walmart next to the Back To School section.

K’un Lun and everything surrounding it need not be mentioned ever again. We get it. It’s a legendary city and there is a hand that glows and a ‘substance’ that allows immortality. Next plot point, please. Never go back to this land. UNLESS, you plan on showing that dragon with the molten heart we keep hearing about.


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