7 Reasons Why Logan is The Best Movie Ever

7 Reasons Why Logan is The Best Movie Ever

Logan is the best movie ever. I think we can all agree on that and there’s clearly no hyperbole here. I left the theatre after seeing that movie just holding back tears. Really made me think about my relationship with my father and my relationship with the Mexican border.

I could watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t complain once. Okay, that’s not true. I complain 24/7. But the point is, this movie is an instant classic. How can you watch any of the other shitty X-Men movies after watching Logan? Trick question: you can’t.

Here are 7 reasons why Logan is the best movie ever:



1. Die Hard/Mad Max-ism

logan is the best movie ever

The best action movies are the one in which the hero of the story actually gets his ass handed to him throughout the entire film yet still manages to come out on top at the end. In 2017, most action movies have The Rock and Vin Diesel being shot at and surviving gigantic explosions completely unscathed. If anything, it appears as though surviving car crashes just makes their muscles shinier.

Die Hard is one of the best action movies of all time because John McClain is a reluctant hero who gets the shit beat out of him for a full two hours and just saves the day by the skin of his teeth. Mad Max is one of my favorite movies ever. Mel Gibson nearly dies the entire time. The stakes are high when the protagonist can die at any second.

In Logan, Wolverine essentially losses his healing ability and by the end of the movie, he’s hanging on by a single thread. I’m pretty sure most of the Logan budget went to all of the blood leaving Wolverine’s body.


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