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7 Reasons Why Iron Fist Is The Worst TV Show Ever

7. Cultural Appropriation

Uh, it’s never a great look when every single website writes a thinkpiece about how your TV show makes everyone uncomfortable about how weird you treat Asian culture. In an age where Doctor Strange, The Great Wall and The Ghost in the Shell refuse to cast Asian actors to star in their films, Iron Fist doubles down on this by now only casting an annoying blonde man to be a kung fu master but he is a condescending savior of the Asian world of K’un Lun.

His complete lack of self awareness is mind blowing. He teaches Colleen Wing martial arts even though she’s an Asian martial arts instructor long before she meets him. I hate Danny Rand. I hate Finn Jones. I hate Iron Fist.

Having said all of this, I cannot wait to watch The Defenders starring Iron Fist.




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