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7 Reasons Why Iron Fist Is The Worst TV Show Ever

5. Davos

I mentioned Davos a little earlier and I need to take the time out to try to figure out what even is a ‘Davos’. He just shows up towards the end of the show to save Danny from the Hand. They don’t explain how he know where Danny was or why he was so obsessed with him but it was super weird and homoerotic and it made me uncomfortable.

I can’t determine which element about him is more confusing; his motivations or his British accent. Why is there a weird guy from the UK living in K’un-Lun? Danny and Davos have a weird sexy wrestling match in the rain and Davos seems to be really upset that Danny ghosted him and moved back to New York but he’s also jealous that he himself is not the Iron Fist which are two completely opposite emotions and this show probably should’ve just picked one or the other instead of both because he’s either in love with the guy or hates him. Not both at the same time.


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