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7 Reasons Why Iron Fist Is The Worst TV Show Ever

4. Claire Temple

Usually, Rosario Dawson is the best part of these Marvel Netflix shows. She’s pretty much the reason why Luke Cage is still alive. How many major surgeries has Claire performed on Luke Cage? Infinity? She is essentially the glue that keeps the Defenders together.

I hate to say this but her character had no place in Iron Fist. It was so forced and she was in wayyy too many scenes. That scene where she’s eating pizza was Davos was the worst thing ever. Why the fuck did she fly to Asia with Danny and Colleen? She’s a nurse and she’s known them maybe a week. She flew across the world for a weekend with two strangers to fight a crime organization? Totally out of her jurisdiction. Does she have a job? How is she paying her rent?


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