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7 Reasons Why Iron Fist Is The Worst TV Show Ever

3. “I’m Danny Rand”

I have no idea what the plot of this show was supposed to be but maybe that’s because they spent maybe 10 episodes with Danny Rand returning to his old life after a 15 year absence in which every thought he died in a plane crash. It was the most frustrating nonsense watching that idiot break into Rand Industries dressed like a homeless dude and begging to ‘talk’ to the Meachums who so clearly didn’t want him around whether he actually is Danny Rand or not.

“He sure looks a lot like Danny did”. I hate this show and the entire mistaken identity plot that started this series off seemed like it was written by a little boy who was intentionally creating the worst thing ever. That dumb little boy succeeded. I’m glad we didn’t necessarily get a full origin story but maybe instead of 10 hours of ‘that’s not the real Danny Rand’ maybe show him punching a fucking DRAGON.


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