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7 Reasons Why Iron Fist Is The Worst TV Show Ever

Iron Fist was the worst Marvel Netflix show up to this date. It was the hardest 13 hours of my life. I’m pissed at myself for watching it but I’m also pissed at Netflix for allowing me to. I really wish my Netflix stopped the show the second that Finn Jones popped into the frame and said ‘I’m cutting this shit off here. Thank me later’.

I wouldn’t recommend this show to my greatest foes. To save you from this disaster of a still birth, here are 7 reasons why Iron Fist is the worst TV show ever:

1. Danny Rand/Finn Jones

Here’s the immediate and biggest problem with this show, the main character sucks. Now, I don’t know if the character of Danny Rand is just so dry and derivative of every origin story that it’s all just boring bullshit or if it’s because Finn Jones is the least likeable human being ever. Probably a combination of both.

For 13 hours straight I wanted to punch Finn Jones in the face and I’m pretty sure every character in the show felt the same exact way. He is quite possibly the least charming individual I’ve ever watched. I could not root this knock off Green Arrow for a single second.


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