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7 Reasons Why Avengers: Infinity War Is The Best Movie Ever

18 Marvel movies have led to this moment. Avengers 3. Easter eggs and post-credit scenes and hours of mindless Youtube videos theorizing the fate of the MCU has built the legend of Thanos and mentally prepared ourselves for the biggest movie in cinema history.

Ten years in the making. My childhood full of secretly reading comic books and not making eye contact with girls all leading up to the moment where I sat down for nearly 3 hours to watch Black Panther scratch a bunch of aliens and Spider-Man to save Doctor Strange from those very same aliens. Infinity War was the greatest thing ever.

Anyway, here are 7 reasons why Avengers: Infinity War is the best movie ever:


1. Thanos


For a decade, Marvel has been setting us up for Thanos to finally step off of his uncomfortable rock thrown and go after these Infinity Stones and the first time you see him in this movie, he is putting The Incredible Hulk in the torture chamber absolutely abusing him like Roy Jones Jr taking home an Olympic Gold Medal.

Everyone and their mothers were ready to declare Killmonger the number 1 villain in the MCU and just two months later, Thanos comes in at a solid 20-feet tall, light purple, wearing a super glove that can manipulate reality and none of what I just described looks silly in this movies and he is the baddest motherfucker in the MCU after choking the life out of the villain of Avengers 1. Poetry.

Josh Brolin deserves all the credit in the world for giving this space tyrant a bit of a Western accent and having it still make sense.


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